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Centre ValBio works to protect Madagascar’s unique and biologically diverse ecosystems through conservation science and projects that directly benefit the local people, including rural health care delivery. CVB has a world-class research station sited on the edge of Madagascar's beautiful and abundant Ranomafana National Park. Under the direction of world-renowned primatologist Patricia Wright, Centre ValBio facilitates hands-on science to sustain the resources and people of Madagascar. In collaboration with villagers, we're expanding the frontiers of knowledge while safeguarding biodiversity for future generations.
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Our mission is to saVe the critically endangered Hapalemur alaotrensis from extinction. Since more than 10 years, Madagascar Wildlife Conservation implements a variety of projects in the Lake Alaotra region to balance conservation and development. Welcome to our site, and have fun exploring our activities on biodiversity conservation, environmental education, sustainable resource use, and ecotourism, as well as our research activities.

In 1990, Kathy Eldon awakened from a deep sleep with a vision. Her dream turned out to be a blueprint for an organization called "Creative Visions" which would use the power of media to help people achieve their potential, for themselves and the planet. She launched Creative Visions as a production company to create media that matters.

Following the death of her son, Dan Eldon, who was a photojournalist killed at age 22 while covering the conflict in Somalia for Reuters News Agency, Kathy, along with her daughter, Amy, relaunched Creative Visions in 1998 as non-profit organization to celebrate and support “creative activists” like Dan.
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